Why Does Your Screen Show “ Unable to Connect to the Internet”?

Why Does Your Screen Show “ Unable to Connect to the Internet”? – Internet become one of the most necessary things in this era. “Life without internet is flat” once the millennial said. Are you upset after sitting in front of screen and see “unable to connect to the internet”? Do not worry, there are millions poeple who exactly feel the same. Below, we will give information behind internet goes down

– Failed connect to the Internet Service Providers
If you want to connect to the Internet, make sure that the computer or laptop are connected to the Internet Provider. Some internet service providers do not have a good quality to serve you with good internet connection. There are many reasons why the internet connection is disrupted. Storms, winds, power problems and even the animals can disrupt the internet connection. That is what we often want to avoid when online and playing on https://multibet88.online site because of interruption in internet breaks can result in material losses. Then, you need to have internet service from multiple providers if you run a business-critical internet link.

– Double IP Address
It may possibly happen to the internet connection in the office or building with many internet Wi-Fi connections. Make sure that you set the firewall rule properly. It is a good step to set all router in exact set IP address. Thus, each router will not use the same IP address.

– Jamming or Congestion
It has similar meaning with jamming in the traffic. The more users connect, the slower the internet will be. It commonly happens and it is the ordinary reasons why you cannot connect to the internet. If you have access to the router security, you can arrange the number of users who can access to the internet. Go to setting menu and set the maximum number of users. Restaurant, library, public places and office are commonly faced this situation.

Everything can be accessed through internet and you can get what you want from your gadget. Ensuring the Internet access is the main step that every user needs to do.

The Overview of Internet Outage and Possible Reasons
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The Overview of Internet Outage and Possible Reasons

The internet is part of the life that always support human to perform their daily life. However, due to some reasons sometimes we had faced some trouble when there is internet outage. There are some reasons why the internet can down or blackout. Actually what is internet outage and what are the main reasons for the internet outage? What is Internet Outage? Internet outage is the condition where the internet connection temporary down because of some errors. The errors can cause by several reasons related to the unstable internet infrastructure. The underwater cables that usually placed in the sea can error due to natural disaster or censorship. The cyber attacks also cause the internet outage just like what have been through by some countries, such as the United States, Egypt, and Germany. The Main Reasons for Internet Outage Besides natural disaster, cyber attack and censorship, the internet outage also possibly caused by breakdown or jamming, failed to connect to the internet provider, failing routers for  players, blackout with a backbone of the internet network and internal devices failure. Breakdown or jamming can happen because of the overload users who try to log in at the same time. This is caused the internet network hectic which lead to the overload internet connection. The main characteristic of the jamming is the blank internet condition which lasts for 10 seconds and when you try to reconnect to the network it can’t perform like the usual task. Failed to connect to the internet provider becomes other reasons for internet outage. The link can fail due to the weather problems or construction process that can disrupt the wiring system. The failing routers also can cause the internet blank because it is one of the most important devices which connected and cause the internet can work properly. The last thing is the failure of the internal device. One of the internal devices may tear or slack that make the connection can’t perform well. Internet outage is the condition where the internet connection temporary down because of some errors. They are a natural disaster, cyber attack, and censorship. Other possible reasons that cause the internet outage are a breakdown, failed to connect to the internet provider, failing routers, blackout with a backbone of the internet network and internal devices failure.
How To Troubleshoot Bad Internet Connection
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How To Troubleshoot Bad Internet Connection

You are in the middle of uploading important document or content when suddenly a notification pops up: bad internet connection. Small accident like this might ruin someone’s life. Instead of swearing and crying over the spilled milk, it is far better to learn how to fix bad connection. Are you ready?

Checking Router Setting
First, costumers need to check router setting. Don’t forget to bring manual book from provider. Sometimes, automatic system changes connection speed under certain condition. This might affect overall internet performance. Bring it back to default setting. If possible, make it faster. Don’t forget to note any changes made to the setting. Anytime in the future, costumers might need to re-adjust the speed.

Checking Internet Plan
Before blaming the provider or complaining for connection trouble, costumers need to double check the plan. If they pay cheap price for slow connection, then there is no one to blame. Install free internet speed test and run it. When its speed matches to internet plan, then nothing could be done. Go to internet cafe or call provider to change the plan.

Removing Internet Worms
What is internet worms? These are bugs that spread from computer to computer. They ruin system and interfere with internet speed. Run anti virus program to detect internet worms. Costumers that play don’t have to install fancy anti virus. The regular one is good enough. Cleaning worms will surely boost browsing speed.

Inactivating Background Programs
Several programs, especially those that connects to video, runs in the background. Even when this application is not opened, it is still active. In many cases, games programs are downloading more items, depending on its updates. This activity uses bandwidth, which may cause internet slowing down. Make sure no background programs are currently downloading files.

Replacing Router
When there are two or more internet options, computer tend to choose the one with strongest signal. While this seems like small matter, having more than three wifi setting will surely confuse computer. As the result, its switch between wifi connection within minutes. No wonder, the internet is not connected anymore. Solution? Replace router to different position and make it as “default” option.

No matter what the reason is, no one likes bad internet connection. For office workers, it would be a disaster. Particularly, when important sites cannot be accessed during office hours. Don’t get panicked soon. There are ways to fix internet connection problem. Try them and see how it changes the data connection.

Verizon: Affordable And Trusted Internet Service Provider
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Verizon: Affordable And Trusted Internet Service Provider

Verizon has high popularity in US. It is one of the most affordable provider. Compared to the other providers, Verizon offer cheaper price and high speed internet access. No wonder, it is loved by many. This brand is also listed as the best fiber internet provider. How many plans it offers to costumers?

Fast Browsing
Internet plan from Verizon is called Fios. It offers three different package with specific use and low price. How costumers could tell that it is a fair price? All prices mentioned in website is included tax. No additional fees will be added to bill, even for equipment and installation. It is all there.

First offer is offered for those who love internet browsing. The speed hits 100 Mbps, the fastest any provider could reach. Please note that browsing plan will help quick chat, email and internet surfing. It helps also to download or upload content. How about its price? Costumers will pay around 40 dollars per month for one year. Payment using prepaid card is also available, but its service tax cost 50 dollars.

Smooth Streaming
Costumers who enjoy fast browsing is probably students and office workers. There are some other typical individuals that enjoy video more. To quench their thirst but and prevent zero balance, Verizon offers plan for online streaming. No more buffering, no more delayed video chatting. Costumers that could also download and upload videos at the same time. No need to wait for either to finish first.

For this service, costumers need to pay around 60 dollars per month. This price applies for two years contract. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that costumers should pay total fee in advance. As a bonus, Verizon gives six months of Netflix premium pack. This way, costumers won’t be running out of videos to watch.

Full Internet Exploring
This is the most expensive plan from Verizon, but it covers all of internet exploration need. Say their name: browsing, video streaming on multiple devices, even multi player gaming. There is no such thing as bad connection error. In fact, it is hard to be in that condition. Its speed access reaches 880 Mbps.

Monthly payment cost around 80 dollars, with three years price guarantee. Also, Verizon will rent a special router for free during this period. Still need more benefits? What about free Netflix premium for one year?

Most common practice for internet provider service is giving lots of services in one package. For some, it probably a handsome offer. However, several costumers notice how they tend to use one service only and waste the others. Thankfully, they use Verizon, a trusted provider with specific plan choices for every costumers’ need.

How to Keep Connected When Your Internet Connection is Down
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How to Keep Connected When Your Internet Connection is Down

The issue can be caused by so many things like the storm, provider issue, and more. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter why. It matters more how we keep being connected to get the job done. Here are things you can try in this situation.

Switch to Your Cellular Networks
If it happens to your work or home Wi-Fi, it is recommended to switch to your cellular network. This isn’t a perfect solution as the issues may still happen depending on the strength of the area coverage. Several networks are great on particular area but bad on others.
However, it should be handy when it is essential for you to keep being connected and finish the job. You can use the network as an alternative and make it a personal hotspot.

Get Your Personal Hotspot Device
It isn’t the recommended permanent solution. It isn’t cheap if you keep using it for the entire month. However, it is a handy and helpful alternative to your home broadband connection. There are so many devices available on many ranges of budget with major carriers too.
Make sure to choose one that is a good quality device and its carrier covers your area nicely and with strong connection.

Borrow Wi-Fi Connection
Of course, this is the only remaining possibility that you can try. You can try to get a connection at public places like Starbucks, McDonalds, and places a kind. Usually, these connections pop out as soon as you search.
Make sure you have firewall and being careful on your personal data. You are sharing a connection with strangers so it is always wise for being cautious.
In short, internet down isn’t the end of the world. There are several alternatives to get you back. Always try the safest alternative first before you head for more exposed way to get connected. Good luck!