Things that Cause Internet Down

The existence of internet nowadays takes a big role in the society. It seems that it has been a main need for every single person. There is no day without using internet connection. Nevertheless, there are problems that happen when you use it, like the speed that is getting slower. There are so many things that cause internet down. You’d better know it, so you might be able to fix it when it happens to you.

Bad Area Cause Bad Connection – the Closer It is to Internet Tower, the Better the Connection Is
When you go to your grandma and grandpa’s house or your relatives’ house in the country side, you might find your device has less internet bars than what it has when you are in the city. Internet providers mostly build internet tower in the middle of the city to fulfill the needs of fast internet connection of workers, students, and other professionals. Meanwhile, they barely build one in the country side.

It might take a long time to buffer a video, or even for simply texting with your friends. However, not all providers happen to have this issue. You should find one trusted provider in your country that has been popular among society, especially those who live in the country side.

Your Wi-Fi Router’s Position and Quality Might Be The Reason As Well
If you use Wi-Fi connection at home, there might be two reasons that cause the internet goes down; either the position or the quality of the router. Putting router carelessly might be a trouble for your connection. The existence of big stuff like fridge and cupboard might be obstacles for the internet connection from the Wi-Fi to spread, like when you play on the SBOBET website.

Therefore, you need to find the proper place to put the router, so it can deliver the internet connection better. Another factor is the quality. If you use an old version of router, it might be the best time to upgrade it into a better version. There are many affordable routers in the market, so you can have faster internet connection.

People nowadays use internet almost every single day. Therefore, whenever there is a problem with it, it will be a big trouble. If it happens to you, you’d better check your area when you use the internet. Also, check your router to make sure it still works well.

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