Easy Ways to Overcome Internet Down, 100% Accurate!

Internet Down cases have often occurred in online activities. Because the most widely used today is cellular data services. The whole world also sends internet users from year to year since entering well-known providers. It is no wonder that the case of dropping the connection has started to become unstable in the history of internet usage.
But you, as an internet user, don’t need to worry about this. Because everyone knows that there is an easier way to deal with internet downtime. And here we deliberately provide some of the most accurate ways so that you can still use the internet even if the interruptions come repeatedly, including;

  1. Know Internet Coverage
    Location is the most important area in providing the best internet quality. You must know the location before using the gaming process, buffering, downloading, browsing and so on. When the connectivity is not running smoothly, then you can work around this by moving to another, better place.
  2. Frequently Refresh Network
    The next way that you also need to apply is to frequently refresh the network. Simply put, turn off the data for a few moments, then turn it on again as usual. If it’s still not normal, change it to airplane mode. If it does not perform well, the most effective step is to turn off the cellphone and then turn it back on.
  3. Clean and Close Recent Applications
    The next thing is to clean up the trash in unused applications. Previously, you had to close the latest applications on the home menu so that network performance remained stable. Doing this often will prevent Internet Down.
  4. Perform Site and Application Performance Test
    Network constraints often interfere with applications and websites. You can do a comparative test on the performance of both of them at the same time. If either one is unstable, then you know that a bug has occurred and will have to wait a few minutes for it to restart.
  5. Cunning HP Age
    Often internet users do not realize the age of the cellphone used. Especially if the RAM it has is below 2 GB. Of course, this condition will affect internet performance. We recommend that you replace the latest version with a RAM capacity of at least 3 GB to make it more perfect in exploring internet services.
  6. Check SIM Card Condition
    Usually a SIM card or SIM card is the differentiator in the power of the internet. Especially when the card is often removed or removed using a new card. Of course there will be scratches that hinder performance. Often – often you check periodically and ask for a new card replacement from the nearest Customer Service provider.
  7. Upgrade SIM Card
    And the most perfect way is to upgrade the SIM card. Currently, the use of 3G networks has become obsolete since the existence of the 4G network. If you want to get speed in accessing the network in all kinds, then immediately upgrade the card at the nearest counter. Because certainly the 4G network is very adequate for all needs. Interestingly, even now, the concept of 4.5G and 5G networks has emerged. Of course, your online activities will always be smooth anywhere and anytime.

We think that some of the methods above are the most effective and accurate for dealing with Internet Down or slow down. Based on the statistics of internet users, the 4G network has spread widely in various areas to remote areas. So you can follow our advice to get the best service in enjoying internet services.

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