Telkomsel Down, This is the Reason Why Internet Down

The internet network has certainly become a part of human life. Not infrequently when the internet dies, a lot of people are overwhelmed. In fact, many people’s jobs are neglected because of interference from the internet.
Although the times have developed to be advanced, it is not uncommon lately there are various internet problems that have been disrupted. This also resulted in residents not being able to access anything on the internet respectively.

This is also confirmed directly by Telkomsel. “There has been a decline in the quality of internet data services caused by disruptions to TelkomGroup’s international internet access,” said Denny Abidin. Please note that Denny Abidin is Telkomsel’s VP of Corporate Communications. Actually there are many reasons that cause internet problems. There are so many disturbances ranging from power outages. Due to the disruption, the quality of service decreases so that it is less usable. Please note, Indonesia is a country that has an internet exchange. It can be interpreted that the internet owned by Indonesia is cut off. Of course, this can endanger various parties, therefore it is necessary to find out first what the background of the problem is from the internet disturbance. Other causes that can lead to internet disturbances such as a dead internet network.

Due to this internet disturbance, the internet network in various areas is not functioning. “So there are many factors,” said Heru Sutadi as a telecommunication observer from the ICT Institute. The causes of internet disturbances that often occur are international connections to national transmission networks. This is also justified because every internet must have had its own transmission cable.

Even Heru Sutadi confirmed that this internet disturbance had occurred in Palembang. This was due to a transmission cable interference which caused the network in Palembang to break. Even though internet access in Palembang is important because it will connect with other networks.

Due to the disconnection of the internet network, it will have an impact on other regions. To restore the internet is also not fast because there are still some things that need to be explored. Indeed, some things are fast and some are not.
So if you want conditions to improve as usual, customers have to wait for the reconfiguration process first. Not only Telkomsel, Heru also admitted that actually all internet operators have experienced problems on the network.

But not just the network, interference can occur in certain areas. Heru also explained that in 2009 the optical fiber in Hong Kong had experienced a network break. It turned out that after being investigated it was due to an earthquake.
So the results of the earthquake had a severe impact on the internet. Especially Indonesia will also be affected. Even then the internet connection in Indonesia began to experience a total paralysis. Not infrequently many customers protest when internet disturbances suddenly appear. But seeing that, an operator is obliged to make compensation. This is so that customers can get their rights easily.

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