Why Does Internet Go Down?

Internet has brought a new era for humanís revolutionary. It eases people life and gives more excitement. Therefore, many people start to lean on the satisfaction offered by internet. However, the internet is not always in its best performance. Once in a period, you might experience the internet goes down. How can it be? What are reasons of this condition?
Disturbance from Other Devices, So It Affects The Speeed of Internet

You might not realize it, but some electronic stuff at home can be the reason why your internet does not work well. Stuff like gadget, Bluetooth, even microwave, can hinder the connection of your Wi-Fi. As a result, you will get a low internet connection that will affect your comfort in surfing the internet. Those stuff that are mentioned before will block the routerís

Frequency that works on 2.4 GHz
In other case, if you happen to live close to a big apartment and a big office, there will be a big possibility for your Wi-Fi connection to get in trouble. The solution you can do to overcome this problem is restarting your Wi-Fi. It wil give a chance for the Wi-Fi router to refresh itself and get more stable connection than before.

Being in The Middle of The Crowd Will Limit Your Internet Connection
If you enjoy to be in a concert and other public places, you might find yourself get a bad internet connection. Places like concert venue, exhibition, and other crowded places take a big role in crowding the internet connection. The reason is all connections depend on only one tower. As a result, the tower cannot handle all.

The easiest way to know whether you face this problem or not is by doing an internet connection check up. Simply access free checker in the internet and follow the instructions. If you find out that the speed is still low, youíd better find less crowded places, more open places, and get away from the crowd. The speed will get faster later on.

When the internet goes down, youíd better find the reasons soon. The sooner you find it, the sooner you can find the solution. Either the disturbance from other devices or the crowd of connection, you can always find the solution to overcome it.

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