How To Troubleshoot Bad Internet Connection

You are in the middle of uploading important document or content when suddenly a notification pops up: bad internet connection. Small accident like this might ruin someone’s life. Instead of swearing and crying over the spilled milk, it is far better to learn how to fix bad connection. Are you ready?

Checking Router Setting
First, costumers need to check router setting. Don’t forget to bring manual book from provider. Sometimes, automatic system changes connection speed under certain condition. This might affect overall internet performance. Bring it back to default setting. If possible, make it faster. Don’t forget to note any changes made to the setting. Anytime in the future, costumers might need to re-adjust the speed.

Checking Internet Plan
Before blaming the provider or complaining for connection trouble, costumers need to double check the plan. If they pay cheap price for slow connection, then there is no one to blame. Install free internet speed test and run it. When its speed matches to internet plan, then nothing could be done. Go to internet cafe or call provider to change the plan.

Removing Internet Worms
What is internet worms? These are bugs that spread from computer to computer. They ruin system and interfere with internet speed. Run anti virus program to detect internet worms. Costumers that play don’t have to install fancy anti virus. The regular one is good enough. Cleaning worms will surely boost browsing speed.

Inactivating Background Programs
Several programs, especially those that connects to video, runs in the background. Even when this application is not opened, it is still active. In many cases, games programs are downloading more items, depending on its updates. This activity uses bandwidth, which may cause internet slowing down. Make sure no background programs are currently downloading files.

Replacing Router
When there are two or more internet options, computer tend to choose the one with strongest signal. While this seems like small matter, having more than three wifi setting will surely confuse computer. As the result, its switch between wifi connection within minutes. No wonder, the internet is not connected anymore. Solution? Replace router to different position and make it as “default” option.

No matter what the reason is, no one likes bad internet connection. For office workers, it would be a disaster. Particularly, when important sites cannot be accessed during office hours. Don’t get panicked soon. There are ways to fix internet connection problem. Try them and see how it changes the data connection.

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