No-internet, the Future will be ruined

No-internet, the Future will be ruined – Can you imagine the future without internet? Well, maybe there is no such future, but have ever thought that the future will be definitely ruined if there is no internet, even only for a single day? Here are some reasons.
• So Many Data Kept in the Internet
What do you usually do when you have questions? Nowadays, they usually go to Google rather than a library and accessing Google here means that you get the information through the internet. Google can give you so many search result in no time and that means there so many things saved in the internet.

If there is no internet in the future, you can imagine the chaos because people can’t get the access into the information. The librarian will be busy in answering the questions and library will definitely be full.

• You Cannot Withdraw Your Money Easily
Not only the information, but you will definitely find difficulties in doing banking. The bank uses internet in their ATM so you can do the transaction or withdraw your money easily. You may need to spend hours in the bank just to draw your money.

You also cannot use your cashless transaction application since the data is usually compiled using internet. There is no more such privilege if there is no internet in the future and you may lose your money too.

• No Social Media
Having and using social media is already a daily activity. Even there are some people that will always check their social media every hour. If there is no internet, then people cannot access the social media and they will definitely get bored so easily. They can also can be socially awkward since they are accustomed to having chat in the virtual world, in the social media not in the real world.

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