Internet Service Provider in Thailand

Internet Service Provider in Thailand – Information is a basic need by human being. People can get the information in a second on the Internet. Especially, foreign tourist who do not have clue about a new place, cheap and good network quality is the “bible” to get the credible information. Here, the great internet service provider when you become a tourist in Thailand.
– True Corporation
Established in 1990, True Corporation offers great quality both wired and wireless Internet connection in Thailand. True Corporation offers leased line, cable internet modem, and ADSL2+ on wired Internet technologies and speed-internet connection on wireless internet connection. With variety of positive sides, this company is the largest internet service provider in Thailand.

Moreover, the user can experience the real high-speed internet connection in True Corporation. It happens because True Corporation offers 6 Mb/s to 100 Mb/s on wired Internet connection and 10 MB/s to 1GB/s on wireless internet connection.

Established in 1986, this company is headquarter in Bangkok as a computer rental business in the beginning. AIS reach Thai residents in more than 100 cities and it offers both wired and wireless internet connection with high-speed internet connection. Moreover, this company offers post-paid and prepaid services. Most people use this internet connection for working and some use for play online in because the connection is stable. Moreover, user will find the variety of data plans with cheap internet fees.

– CAT Telecom
CAT Telecom offers internet connection on dial-up, ADSL, and Leased Line internet connection options. Moreover, the speed connection is quite amazing from 4 Mb/s to 1.5 GB/es. Established in 2003, CAT Telecom covers Thai resident in many cities. It occurs because CAT Telecom can provide great Internet signal across cities. Do not be surprised that CAT Telecom is used by many offices and individual on Thailand.

Internet connection will always be searched by anyone no matter wherever they are. With many positives sides, you will not find difficulties on choosing the internet service provider.

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