This is the reason why the internet is often down

Now the internet has become one of the main things that you often see. Even with the help of the internet all things can be resolved easily. Starting from applications, learning and work are now done via the internet.
But if suddenly the internet goes down, of course this can be one of the problems. Therefore, you must know what are the reasons for the internet down. By knowing these reasons, you can find solutions when the internet starts to go down. Here are some reasons:

Unfavorable weather
Weather is the main factor that can cause the internet to go down, if you want to use the internet you have to be careful. The worse the weather you are experiencing at this time can make the connection worse. For example, during the rainy season, of course there are times when it rains heavily until even lightning makes you unable to play on your cellphone. This is what you should avoid, if the weather doesn’t support it, it’s better not to play social media and just turn it off and wait until the weather supports it.

It’s in the parking lot
If you often feel when in the parking lot you don’t have internet. Or suddenly the internet is gone, it’s better to move to another place. Because if it’s in the parking lot there are definitely some problems that can happen. For example, such as a parking lot that is too high or it could be because a thick wall can cause the internet to go down. Not only in the parking lot, this can also happen when you go through a fairly long tunnel.

Busy Network
Because many people use the internet everywhere, this can cause the network to be busy. So that the network will be divided later, starting from getting 2g, 3g and 4g networks you can get easily. So it’s only natural that there are some situations that cause the internet to be slow until the connection is lost. The solution, you have to be patient in using the internet because that way you can get the best network.

Multiple Apps
Having an application on a cellphone is also legal, but if there are applications that interfere with it, it is better to just throw it away. Because this will affect the internet network that you will get. For example, social media applications that are often used are better reduced. That way, you can get a better internet network than before.

There is a problem with the SIM card
If the sim card only has a problem, this will disrupt the internet network. Before turning on internet data, it is better to first check the network. Is the sim card still in good condition or not.

Out of Quota
In addition, the quota that runs out can be one of the reasons why the internet has problems. The solution you can fill in your internet data first. This will make it easier for you to surf on various social media. To fill it, you can just adjust it with the internet card you currently have. Because each card has a different price. By filling it out, you can immediately use the internet as usual. Those are some of the discussions you can get about internet down. So, when the internet is down, of course you don’t need to panic. But there are lots of things you can do above. How?

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