This is the reason why the internet suddenly goes down

When the internet is down, it can be a problem for many people. Especially during the current pandemic, of course everyone can do anything with the internet. You can imagine if the internet was down, of course everyone couldn’t do anything. Today, the internet has become one of the important needs that millennials must have. With the internet down, some people’s activities are slow. So you have to know what causes the internet to go down. Here are some of the causes:
System Has Problem
If the internet suddenly goes down, of course the main problem can occur from a problematic smartphone system. If the system is problematic, of course it can cause the internet to go down until it disappears. Activities on the internet will be even more stifled if this cannot be handled properly. Therefore, try to fix the system first. This is to avoid some things that happen.
Hard-to-Reach Network
Each region also has a network that can be reached and a network that cannot be reached. Especially if at this time, you are using a 4g network, this of course can happen. The solution, you can fix it by overcoming a down 4g network.
Of course, every internet card also has a different range. Some have a good to low range. This is what you should know, especially for those of you who are in the interior. You have to be smart in finding a good place.

Used By Many Users
Another cause that causes the internet to go down is that the internet is used by many users. In every region, the internet is one of the things that is often used. Even the internet is now used in some areas. If one day it goes down, then it’s only natural because it is used a lot by several users. The solution, you have to wait for the cellular operator to manage internet distribution properly so that the problem will be resolved easily.
How to fix it
If before, you already know what the cause is, now you need to know how to overcome it. How to overcome this is very important for you to do, that way you will be easy to do.
Restart HP
The easy way, you can restart the cellphone you have. By restarting, this can fix a down internet. In some cases, this happens very often so you can just try it. If you turn off the phone, of course the application that will be running will stop instantly. So you can just turn on the cellphone and the application will function as usual in general.
Check Quota
If the internet suddenly turns off or does not work, you should be wary. Because quotas can also be one of the reasons you experience internet that suddenly goes down. If the internet suddenly stops, just be careful if your quota is about to run out. Then don’t hesitate to check the message, in case there is a message regarding the quota you currently have. Try to be able to recharge to avoid some things later. For that, you can just try this solution. Those are some of the causes and solutions that you can understand when the internet is down. Now just try one of them, and you can see for yourself what kind of results you can get. How? I understand?

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