Several Factors That Cause Slow and Unstable Internet

Each internet user must have experienced interruptions while enjoying the process of browsing, streaming, downloading, gaming and other activities. One example is when you are engrossed in watching YouTube videos and suddenly experience a long buffering process. It comes to mind that you will experience the operator provider to ask about the disturbance.

You need to know that there are only 3 main problems that can reduce network performance to cause the internet to become down and unstable. And now we have discussed it in detail based on accurate information.
Operator Has Trouble

One of the causes of slow or down internet connection is that the operator is experiencing trouble (trouble). This also often happens to a number of well-known providers. However, this party has 5 parameters to support network stability, namely jitter, packet loss, latency, upload throughput and download throughput. The interference is the responsibility of the operator from each provider. But not always this happens every day.

You don’t need to panic when you experience internet distractions. It could be that the provider is improving the quality of service and service in order to provide the best results for customers. If you want to know the signal speed of the day, you can also download several applications or enter Google by typing “Open Signal or Speedtest”. Later the signal speed will appear showing the stability of the network.

Third-Party Applications
Another cause that we also often find is in Third-Party applications. This is an application from an external device that can be installed through the Play Store or App Store services. In general, all of these applications are connected to the service provider that is being used. But if suddenly the internet has a problem or is slow, the main cause is based on the server of the application. It could be that they are updating or maybe overloaded.

You may have encountered events such as accessing application A in a slow state. At the same time application B, C or other runs normally. Of course, the problem is only one application. You can’t deny the decline in internet performance in this case. And you should be diligent – be diligent about giving application junk (cache) regularly to get the best performance when using the internet network.

Internet user
Apart from the two causes above, internet users are also the masterminds of the process of internet downtime. You can see and compare the HP 1 with others to test the speed, but the provider that is used must be the same. If there is a problem with the network on your cellphone, then you also have to reset the HP settings according to the original. On the other hand, there are also reasons when you cannot optimize browsing, gaming and so on. That is when you are in a location with minimal signal. Many online website such as have already using AMP mobile version for the visitor, so they can load more faster and moobile friendly.

Usually internet users often forget that they are in the middle of a new location. Even though at that location the providers used still have not reached the surrounding area. Apart from the location factor, there is also a thick wall as a signal barrier. In real cases it is the basement area, basement and other unnatural places.

In general, there are many reasons for a slow internet connection. Problems often mutually – change cards also affect the strength and sensitivity of the SIM card circuit. So this problem can be overcome if you, as an internet user, always use the service properly and wisely.

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