Why Does Your Screen Show “ Unable to Connect to the Internet”?

Why Does Your Screen Show “ Unable to Connect to the Internet”? – Internet become one of the most necessary things in this era. “Life without internet is flat” once the millennial said. Are you upset after sitting in front of screen and see “unable to connect to the internet”? Do not worry, there are millions poeple who exactly feel the same. Below, we will give information behind internet goes down

– Failed connect to the Internet Service Providers
If you want to connect to the Internet, make sure that the computer or laptop are connected to the Internet Provider. Some internet service providers do not have a good quality to serve you with good internet connection. There are many reasons why the internet connection is disrupted. Storms, winds, power problems and even the animals can disrupt the internet connection. That is what we often want to avoid when online and playing on https://multibet88.online site because of interruption in internet breaks can result in material losses. Then, you need to have internet service from multiple providers if you run a business-critical internet link.

– Double IP Address
It may possibly happen to the internet connection in the office or building with many internet Wi-Fi connections. Make sure that you set the firewall rule properly. It is a good step to set all router in exact set IP address. Thus, each router will not use the same IP address.

– Jamming or Congestion
It has similar meaning with jamming in the traffic. The more users connect, the slower the internet will be. It commonly happens and it is the ordinary reasons why you cannot connect to the internet. If you have access to the router security, you can arrange the number of users who can access to the internet. Go to setting menu and set the maximum number of users. Restaurant, library, public places and office are commonly faced this situation.

Everything can be accessed through internet and you can get what you want from your gadget. Ensuring the Internet access is the main step that every user needs to do.

List of Internet Providers in Indonesia, Anti Slow!
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List of Internet Providers in Indonesia, Anti Slow!

Last week, the social media world was shocked by complaints from Indihome and Telkomsel customers. The reason is that customers from these providers cannot access the internet smoothly. In response to this, the Telkomgroup expressed apologies and informed that the disturbance was caused by damage to the underwater network system at JASUKA.
Talking about internet providers, in Indonesia there are several companies that provide internet connections. Choosing the best provider is important, so you can use the internet connection smoothly.
Telkomsel and Indihome are part of the Telkomgroup which are listed as the best internet providers in Indonesia alongside several other companies. The following is a list of the best internet provider companies in Indonesia 2021:

  1. Biznet Network
    The first position is occupied by Biznet Network, an internet provider company that has coverage up to 63 regencies in Java and Bali, 40 cities in Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi. Biznet provides various service options, starting from IDR 325,000 per month. You can get internet network up to 75 Mbps.
  2. MNC Playmedia
    Although its coverage is only in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, Medan, and Malang, MNC Playmedia deserves to be included in the list of the best providers in Indonesia. The monthly rate is quite affordable, starting from IDR 290,500. You can get internet network up to 10 Mbps.
  3. First Media
    First Media Company is a popular internet provider, because it is able to provide the best service. Not only providing internet services, First Media also provides 121 tv channels and straimtainment. For only IDR 361,000 per month, you can enjoy an internet network with speeds up to 15 Mbps. This company is available in Greater Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Solo, Surabaya, and several other cities.
  4. Transvision
    This company is not only popular as a pay-tv service provider, but is also known as a stable internet network provider. Transvision provides many service packages, starting from Rp. 269,000. You can already get an internet network of up to 30 Mbps. You can access the service throughout Java and Sumatra.
  5. CBN
    PT Cyberindo Aditama provides services with prices starting from Rp. 299,000 only, with this price customers can get internet access up to 30 Mbps. Not only internet network, CBN also provides familiar TV services in Dens. CBN also provides a 10% discount to its customers for 6 months and a free speed booster.
  6. PT Mora Telematics Indonesia
    This internet network provider is better known as Oxygen.id. For only Rp. 306,000, you can get internet access up to 50 Mbps. Not only the monthly fee is affordable, Oxygen.id also provides free installation fees. The areas currently covered by Oxygen.id include Greater Jakarta, Denpasar, Surabaya, Bandung, and other big cities.
  7. MyRepublic ID
    MyRepublic ID is also included as an internet provider that has stable speeds. To get the service, you just have to pay starting at IDR 290,000 per month. With this price, you can access the internet with speeds up to 40 Mbps.
    So, those are some lists of the best internet network provider companies/providers in Indonesia. Before deciding to use the services of the companies above, you should choose the one that fits your needs and budget. This is because users who subscribe to internet providers must pay a monthly fee. So, make sure you have sufficient funds to make payments every month.
Troubled Underwater Network Cable, Indihome Internet And Telkomsel Down 3 Days

Troubled Underwater Network Cable, Indihome Internet And Telkomsel Down 3 Days

Recently, social media has been filled with complaints from Indihome and Telkomsel customers. The reason is that Indihome and Telkomsel internet users have been unable to get stable internet access for almost 3 days. Of course this interferes with customer activities, especially nowadays many people use the internet network to carry out online activities. This incident even became a trending topic on Twitter. Therefore, Indihome and Telkomsel immediately take action, so that customer trust is not lost. Here are some facts about Indihome and Telkomsel internet being down:

  1. Trending topics in Indonesia
    Since Sunday afternoon, September 19, 2021, Indihome and Telkomsel have experienced problems. This can be seen from the number of citizens who write complaints via Twitter. These disturbances occurred in several parts of Indonesia, such as East Java, Bali, Nusa Tenggara, Natuna Island, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and even Papua. Many community activities were disrupted, starting from the implementation of SKD CPNS tests, meetings, midterm exams, and other activities. Due to the disruption, some SKD CPNS tests had to be rescheduled.
  2. Causes of interference
    Responding to complaints from Indihome and Telkomsel customers which became trending topics, the company immediately spoke up. Ahmad Reza as Telkom’s SVP Corporate Communication and Investor Relations explained that the disturbance was caused by the damage to the underwater communication system in Jasuka or Java, Sumatra and Kalimantan. The damage caused Telkomgroup’s service quality to decline in several areas. For this incident, Telkomgroup apologized to customers, and they tried to rerouting traffic. This is done so that the communication line to Batam is restored and Telkomgroup services return to normal.
  3. Service is back
    It didn’t take long, the Telkomgroup immediately gave good news, namely from Sunday night to Monday morning Telkomgroup’s service gradually recovered. However, this situation has not been comprehensive to areas experiencing disturbances. The Telkomgroup is trying the best, starting from rerouting traffic, adding link capacity, and utilizing international gateways in Manado.
  4. Disruption time
    Indihome and Telkomsel service interruptions have occurred since Sunday 19 September 2021, and only on Monday many customers reported it.

When there is a disruption to the internet network, of course, online activities are also problematic. Especially since the Covid-19 pandemic, many activities have been shifted to online, where the internet network is the main component in order to be able to carry out activities properly.

Disruptions to the Indihome and Telkomsel networks not only disrupt routine office and school activities, but also disrupt the implementation of the SKD CPNS test. As a result, the SKD CPNS test organizers who experienced network problems had to rearrange the schedule.

So that your online activities are not disturbed by the instability of the internet network, you should provide 2 different providers. So, when one provider experiences problems, you can immediately replace it with another provider that does not experience interference. So, your online activities will not be disturbed.

Tips for choosing the right provider, namely choosing a provider that has maximum speed in your area. Because not all providers have a strong signal in all areas. There are providers that have maximum speed if used in an area, but will experience a decrease in quality if used in certain areas. Therefore you need to research which provider is the fastest in your area.

Telkomsel Down, This is the Reason Why Internet Down

Telkomsel Down, This is the Reason Why Internet Down

The internet network has certainly become a part of human life. Not infrequently when the internet dies, a lot of people are overwhelmed. In fact, many people’s jobs are neglected because of interference from the internet.
Although the times have developed to be advanced, it is not uncommon lately there are various internet problems that have been disrupted. This also resulted in residents not being able to access anything on the internet respectively.

This is also confirmed directly by Telkomsel. “There has been a decline in the quality of internet data services caused by disruptions to TelkomGroup’s international internet access,” said Denny Abidin. Please note that Denny Abidin is Telkomsel’s VP of Corporate Communications. Actually there are many reasons that cause internet problems. There are so many disturbances ranging from power outages. Due to the disruption, the quality of service decreases so that it is less usable. Please note, Indonesia is a country that has an internet exchange. It can be interpreted that the internet owned by Indonesia is cut off. Of course, this can endanger various parties, therefore it is necessary to find out first what the background of the problem is from the internet disturbance. Other causes that can lead to internet disturbances such as a dead internet network.

Due to this internet disturbance, the internet network in various areas is not functioning. “So there are many factors,” said Heru Sutadi as a telecommunication observer from the ICT Institute. The causes of internet disturbances that often occur are international connections to national transmission networks. This is also justified because every internet must have had its own transmission cable.

Even Heru Sutadi confirmed that this internet disturbance had occurred in Palembang. This was due to a transmission cable interference which caused the network in Palembang to break. Even though internet access in Palembang is important because it will connect with other networks.

Due to the disconnection of the internet network, it will have an impact on other regions. To restore the internet is also not fast because there are still some things that need to be explored. Indeed, some things are fast and some are not.
So if you want conditions to improve as usual, customers have to wait for the reconfiguration process first. Not only Telkomsel, Heru also admitted that actually all internet operators have experienced problems on the network.

But not just the network, interference can occur in certain areas. Heru also explained that in 2009 the optical fiber in Hong Kong had experienced a network break. It turned out that after being investigated it was due to an earthquake.
So the results of the earthquake had a severe impact on the internet. Especially Indonesia will also be affected. Even then the internet connection in Indonesia began to experience a total paralysis. Not infrequently many customers protest when internet disturbances suddenly appear. But seeing that, an operator is obliged to make compensation. This is so that customers can get their rights easily.

Several Factors That Cause Slow and Unstable Internet

Several Factors That Cause Slow and Unstable Internet

Each internet user must have experienced interruptions while enjoying the process of browsing, streaming, downloading, gaming and other activities. One example is when you are engrossed in watching YouTube videos and suddenly experience a long buffering process. It comes to mind that you will experience the operator provider to ask about the disturbance.

You need to know that there are only 3 main problems that can reduce network performance to cause the internet to become down and unstable. And now we have discussed it in detail based on accurate information.
Operator Has Trouble

One of the causes of slow or down internet connection is that the operator is experiencing trouble (trouble). This also often happens to a number of well-known providers. However, this party has 5 parameters to support network stability, namely jitter, packet loss, latency, upload throughput and download throughput. The interference is the responsibility of the operator from each provider. But not always this happens every day.

You don’t need to panic when you experience internet distractions. It could be that the provider is improving the quality of service and service in order to provide the best results for customers. If you want to know the signal speed of the day, you can also download several applications or enter Google by typing “Open Signal or Speedtest”. Later the signal speed will appear showing the stability of the network.

Third-Party Applications
Another cause that we also often find is in Third-Party applications. This is an application from an external device that can be installed through the Play Store or App Store services. In general, all of these applications are connected to the service provider that is being used. But if suddenly the internet has a problem or is slow, the main cause is based on the server of the application. It could be that they are updating or maybe overloaded.

You may have encountered events such as accessing application A in a slow state. At the same time application B, C or other runs normally. Of course, the problem is only one application. You can’t deny the decline in internet performance in this case. And you should be diligent – be diligent about giving application junk (cache) regularly to get the best performance when using the internet network.

Internet user
Apart from the two causes above, internet users are also the masterminds of the process of internet downtime. You can see and compare the HP 1 with others to test the speed, but the provider that is used must be the same. If there is a problem with the network on your cellphone, then you also have to reset the HP settings according to the original. On the other hand, there are also reasons when you cannot optimize browsing, gaming and so on. That is when you are in a location with minimal signal. Many online website such as https://spinbet99.com have already using AMP mobile version for the visitor, so they can load more faster and moobile friendly.

Usually internet users often forget that they are in the middle of a new location. Even though at that location the providers used still have not reached the surrounding area. Apart from the location factor, there is also a thick wall as a signal barrier. In real cases it is the basement area, basement and other unnatural places.

In general, there are many reasons for a slow internet connection. Problems often mutually – change cards also affect the strength and sensitivity of the SIM card circuit. So this problem can be overcome if you, as an internet user, always use the service properly and wisely.

Easy Ways to Overcome Internet Down, 100% Accurate!

Easy Ways to Overcome Internet Down, 100% Accurate!

Internet Down cases have often occurred in online activities. Because the most widely used today is cellular data services. The whole world also sends internet users from year to year since entering well-known providers. It is no wonder that the case of dropping the connection has started to become unstable in the history of internet usage.
But you, as an internet user, don’t need to worry about this. Because everyone knows that there is an easier way to deal with internet downtime. And here we deliberately provide some of the most accurate ways so that you can still use the internet even if the interruptions come repeatedly, including;

  1. Know Internet Coverage
    Location is the most important area in providing the best internet quality. You must know the location before using the gaming process, buffering, downloading, browsing and so on. When the connectivity is not running smoothly, then you can work around this by moving to another, better place.
  2. Frequently Refresh Network
    The next way that you also need to apply is to frequently refresh the network. Simply put, turn off the data for a few moments, then turn it on again as usual. If it’s still not normal, change it to airplane mode. If it does not perform well, the most effective step is to turn off the cellphone and then turn it back on.
  3. Clean and Close Recent Applications
    The next thing is to clean up the trash in unused applications. Previously, you had to close the latest applications on the home menu so that network performance remained stable. Doing this often will prevent Internet Down.
  4. Perform Site and Application Performance Test
    Network constraints often interfere with applications and websites. You can do a comparative test on the performance of both of them at the same time. If either one is unstable, then you know that a bug has occurred and will have to wait a few minutes for it to restart.
  5. Cunning HP Age
    Often internet users do not realize the age of the cellphone used. Especially if the RAM it has is below 2 GB. Of course, this condition will affect internet performance. We recommend that you replace the latest version with a RAM capacity of at least 3 GB to make it more perfect in exploring internet services.
  6. Check SIM Card Condition
    Usually a SIM card or SIM card is the differentiator in the power of the internet. Especially when the card is often removed or removed using a new card. Of course there will be scratches that hinder performance. Often – often you check periodically and ask for a new card replacement from the nearest Customer Service provider.
  7. Upgrade SIM Card
    And the most perfect way is to upgrade the SIM card. Currently, the use of 3G networks has become obsolete since the existence of the 4G network. If you want to get speed in accessing the network in all kinds, then immediately upgrade the card at the nearest counter. Because certainly the 4G network is very adequate for all needs. Interestingly, even now, the concept of 4.5G and 5G networks has emerged. Of course, your online activities will always be smooth anywhere and anytime.

We think that some of the methods above are the most effective and accurate for dealing with Internet Down or slow down. Based on the statistics of internet users, the 4G network has spread widely in various areas to remote areas. So you can follow our advice to get the best service in enjoying internet services.


Things that Cause Internet Down

The existence of internet nowadays takes a big role in the society. It seems that it has been a main need for every single person. There is no day without using internet connection. Nevertheless, there are problems that happen when you use it, like the speed that is getting slower. There are so many things that cause internet down. You’d better know it, so you might be able to fix it when it happens to you.

Bad Area Cause Bad Connection – the Closer It is to Internet Tower, the Better the Connection Is
When you go to your grandma and grandpa’s house or your relatives’ house in the country side, you might find your device has less internet bars than what it has when you are in the city. Internet providers mostly build internet tower in the middle of the city to fulfill the needs of fast internet connection of workers, students, and other professionals. Meanwhile, they barely build one in the country side.

It might take a long time to buffer a video, or even for simply texting with your friends. However, not all providers happen to have this issue. You should find one trusted provider in your country that has been popular among society, especially those who live in the country side.

Your Wi-Fi Router’s Position and Quality Might Be The Reason As Well
If you use Wi-Fi connection at home, there might be two reasons that cause the internet goes down; either the position or the quality of the router. Putting router carelessly might be a trouble for your connection. The existence of big stuff like fridge and cupboard might be obstacles for the internet connection from the Wi-Fi to spread, like when you play on the SBOBET website.

Therefore, you need to find the proper place to put the router, so it can deliver the internet connection better. Another factor is the quality. If you use an old version of router, it might be the best time to upgrade it into a better version. There are many affordable routers in the market, so you can have faster internet connection.

People nowadays use internet almost every single day. Therefore, whenever there is a problem with it, it will be a big trouble. If it happens to you, you’d better check your area when you use the internet. Also, check your router to make sure it still works well.

Why Does Internet Go Down?

Why Does Internet Go Down?

Internet has brought a new era for humanís revolutionary. It eases people life and gives more excitement. Therefore, many people start to lean on the satisfaction offered by internet. However, the internet is not always in its best performance. Once in a period, you might experience the internet goes down. How can it be? What are reasons of this condition?
Disturbance from Other Devices, So It Affects The Speeed of Internet

You might not realize it, but some electronic stuff at home can be the reason why your internet does not work well. Stuff like gadget, Bluetooth, even microwave, can hinder the connection of your Wi-Fi. As a result, you will get a low internet connection that will affect your comfort in surfing the internet. Those stuff that are mentioned before will block the routerís

Frequency that works on 2.4 GHz
In other case, if you happen to live close to a big apartment and a big office, there will be a big possibility for your Wi-Fi connection to get in trouble. The solution you can do to overcome this problem is restarting your Wi-Fi. It wil give a chance for the Wi-Fi router to refresh itself and get more stable connection than before.

Being in The Middle of The Crowd Will Limit Your Internet Connection
If you enjoy to be in a concert and other public places, you might find yourself get a bad internet connection. Places like concert venue, exhibition, and other crowded places take a big role in crowding the internet connection. The reason is all connections depend on only one tower. As a result, the tower cannot handle all.

The easiest way to know whether you face this problem or not is by doing an internet connection check up. Simply access free checker in the internet and follow the instructions. If you find out that the speed is still low, youíd better find less crowded places, more open places, and get away from the crowd. The speed will get faster later on.

When the internet goes down, youíd better find the reasons soon. The sooner you find it, the sooner you can find the solution. Either the disturbance from other devices or the crowd of connection, you can always find the solution to overcome it.

Best Internet Service Provider in Australia Based on Internet Speed
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Best Internet Service Provider in Australia Based on Internet Speed

Best Internet Service Provider in Australia Based on Internet Speed – Do you have a plan to take a trip to Australia? If you visit Australia for the first time, having internet connexion is a must. Internet can provide numerous information which help user to assist their needs. Here, we give information three best internet service provider in Australia. We just give information, make sure that you choose based your need.
– Aussie Broadband
Aussie Broadband is the fastest internet service provider in Australia. The company do the great jobs in recent years. Aussie Broadband is NBN specialist which provide ADSL game from 2018. Three focus of Aussie Broadband: broadband internet mobile, wired internet connection and wireless internet connection.

Aussie broadband has the best internet connection speed started from 10 mbps to 2 Gbps, based on the internet fee you choose. The internet fee starts from 69 dollar per month to 100 dollar per month.

– Dodo
Dodo is quite younger than Aussie Broadband. However, it does not mean that Dodo does not have experience in internet service. When you choose Dodo, you have freedom choosing the internet package with vary price. The speed of internet connection starts from 24 Mbps to 2 Gbps. Then, this is the best option for foreign tourist.

– Telstra
Telstra, known as Bigpond, is a pioneer internet service provider in Australia. Established in 1975, this company is used more than 4,5 million users in 2017. This company provides great quality of internet service network on: broadband mobile internet, wired modem internet connection and TV-Cable wireless connection.

The range of internet speed starts from 200 Mbps to 10 GB. Of course, it can tempt users who reside in Australia. With fast internet speed, the price is quite expensive to those who just have intention to stay short-time in Australia. But, Telstra can cover many cities and it is worthy.
Australia is great option to visit. Choose your internet connection based your needs, do not let lack of internet access ruin your holiday.

No-internet, the Future will be ruined
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No-internet, the Future will be ruined

No-internet, the Future will be ruined – Can you imagine the future without internet? Well, maybe there is no such future, but have ever thought that the future will be definitely ruined if there is no internet, even only for a single day? Here are some reasons.
• So Many Data Kept in the Internet
What do you usually do when you have questions? Nowadays, they usually go to Google rather than a library and accessing Google here means that you get the information through the internet. Google can give you so many search result in no time and that means there so many things saved in the internet.

If there is no internet in the future, you can imagine the chaos because people can’t get the access into the information. The librarian will be busy in answering the questions and library will definitely be full.

• You Cannot Withdraw Your Money Easily
Not only the information, but you will definitely find difficulties in doing banking. The bank uses internet in their ATM so you can do the transaction or withdraw your money easily. You may need to spend hours in the bank just to draw your money.

You also cannot use your cashless transaction application since the data is usually compiled using internet. There is no more such privilege if there is no internet in the future and you may lose your money too.

• No Social Media
Having and using social media is already a daily activity. Even there are some people that will always check their social media every hour. If there is no internet, then people cannot access the social media and they will definitely get bored so easily. They can also can be socially awkward since they are accustomed to having chat in the virtual world, in the social media not in the real world.

How To Choose Best Internet Service Provider
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How To Choose Best Internet Service Provider

Internet has become part of people’s life. It would be hard to deal with no internet connection day, especially when you bring all the papers home. Therefore, careful planning is important. What should you ask to internet provider office before hand? Follow the guidelines below if you are not sure.

Coverage Area

Looking at big advertisement on the street, certain brand must have bigger impact on you than the others. It could be its package, connection speed, etc. Hold it there. As much as speedy connection is favorable, does it mean something when this provider doesn’t cover costumers’ area?

Instead of relying on the brand, it is always better to choose the strongest one in costumers’ area. How to do this? Calling provider would be an option, but be prepared to get very detailed information. Another way, costumers could find website that could help locating best provider by entering ZIP code.

Package Bundle

It is common practice among providers to offer price off for package bundle. When costumers use telephone, internet and cable TV from one provider, the price will be reduced nicely. Note that this offer usually have period. Once it is over, normal price will be charged.

Line up the offer from provider. Check the following information: plans facilities, internet speed, and data overuse fees. Just in case, costumers should also check what the other costumers say about the plan. This step could be confusing for some. Since it has to be done, get help from trusted online reviews about providers.

Costumer Need

For example, internet users always feel satisfaction when accessing sites which always provide a fast internet connection and rarely experience interference. Every individual has different demand for internet. Those who occasionally use internet would be fine with standard package, but those active users won’t agree. Apply this rule when choosing internet plan. Some staff might give more tempting plan with more benefits by adding “a little bit more” money. Think again: is it really necessary? Unless they have big fat cash, better think twice.

Some costumers might be new users, and the others might have a regular. These costumers have different need. New user is recommended to take plans which includes router. Otherwise, they have to buy it separately.

Ads is not bad, but sometimes it omits several details from costumers. Thus, costumers like you should be careful and get all the information before paying the fee. Complaining after installation will bring more harm than good. Find a provider that could provide strong connection, offer good price and fit your need.

Should You Freak Out Because Of Internet Down Issue?
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Should You Freak Out Because Of Internet Down Issue?

Try to imagine this situation in your head. You turn on your phone and hit news or social media button. First news that pops up is about internet down for next 48 hours. Many think this news is real and quickly share it to their families and relatives. Well, that is quite careless, since internet down will not really happen.

How The Issue Starts

There is an organization called ICANN. It stands for Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers. Staffs in this organization have the responsibility to protect clients’ Domain Name System (DNS). Lack of protection on this vital information will allow hacker to control information in database.

One project they do to secure and detect any trespassing is locking DNS information with cryptograph. It will be automatically added to every site. In order to do this, the estimation time is 48 hours. Staffs had started the encryption on October 11th, 2018, 4 pm UCT. As the encryption runs for a day, there is no complain of any disturbance in internet connection.

Successful Click Bait

After learning about the truth, it is clear that 48 hours of internet down came as clumsy conclusion. There is something done that takes more or less 48 hours. ICANN did mention about internet down. However, it is not on global scale, but very few personal users. For this reason, ICANN did not release any warning.

In the other words, “internet down” title is just used to make readers click on their link. The right term would be “click bait”. This is common thing among news platform who wants to climb on trending topic.

Since internet down is global issue, it spreads within seconds to every news platform. Sadly, only few dare to ask: is it true? When these people track the news sources and confirm it, there is no such thing as internet down. This is only personal speculation.

Why You Always See Internet Problem Notification All the Time when on WiFi
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Why You Always See Internet Problem Notification All the Time when on WiFi

Why You Always See Internet Problem Notification All the Time when on WiFi – Having a good internet connection is everyone’s wish. In some cases, the internet won’t work with you even when you choose the best Internet Service Provider or ISP. In the worst case, you will only see the “No Internet Connection” window on your browser.

– Router Problem
The first problem you might face is related to your router. In some period of time, the router can be worn off and it might not work well just the same as before. If you keep seeing the “No Internet Connection” window, you need to check the router first.

You can try to turn the router off for at least 10 seconds before you turn it on again. Wait for the network connection and try to browse the internet. If it still doesn’t work, you can try to move the router to another area or you can try to purchase the WiFi extender to strengthen the WiFi signal in your house.

If it doesn’t work, the problem might be related to the router itself. If you suspect the router is worn off, you need to contact your ISP to change the router. They usually give the service and the router replacement for free.

– Network Coverage
If you recently change the ISP and you keep seeing “No Internet Connection” window, but there is no problem with the router, the problem may be the network coverage of your ISP. Some parts of the countries may have worse internet connection compared to other places.

You can contact your ISP and ask them about their network coverage on your area. Take, for example, Verizon has a better network coverage area in America and it ranks the highest compared to other ISPs. While Mediacom only works well in some parts of the countries and it ranks the last in the US ISP ranking.

If they do have a bad internet connection there, you cannot do anything change into the one with a better internet connection. Remember that before you switch the ISP, you need to make sure that the ISP has good internet coverage in your area. We seems always need a good internet connection coverage for work and pleasure while playing games on the because internet interference can disrupt concentration on online betting.

The most common problem is related to your router. The router might be corrupted and you need to replace it into the new one. If that’s not the case, the problem may be the coverage area of your ISP. The best way to solve it is to switch the ISP that works well in your city.

Three Best Internet Service Provider in India
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Three Best Internet Service Provider in India

Three Best Internet Service Provider in India – With the positive sides and providing easiness, internet become a basic necessity of one’s life. You can get anything you want through Internet. If you take a visit to a new country, internet has important role for providing information. For those who have plan to visit India, make sure that you choose the internet service provider cautiously.

1. Bharat Sanchar Nigam (BSNL)
With 53.15% of market share and 9.43 million subscribers along India, this state-owned company is the best option of wire-line ISP in India. Do not worry that you settle in a small city in India since this company claims covering more than 200 cities in India. Wherever you are, BSNL will always provide you with the best signal.

Video Multicasting, Video conferencing, audio, texting and etc can be accessed by the users regardless the time. BSNL have major service in providing high-speed internet connection, Broadband Remote Access Server, dial VPN service and etc.

2. KAPPA Internet
Established in 2000, KAPPA become a dark horse competitor in India internet service provider industry. This company categorizes “B” internet service provider from Department of Telecommunication. This company covers SME & corporate customer in more than 150 cities and residential in Goa, Maharashtra, MP, Rajasthan, AP, Telangana and Chhattisgarh. If you settle on those cities, you can choose this provider as it is cheaper internet fee.

3. Bharti Airtel
With 1,2 million online gambling users, this sbobet company become one of incorporated fastest service provider in India. Interestingly, this company are operated in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. This company covers broadband services, IPTV, Cable TV and telephone facilities and it can covers more than 100 cities in India. If you have plan to visit south Asia, Bharti Airtel is the perfect choice.

Wherever you are, you need Internet to provide some information of your surroundings. Specifically India, make sure that you choose the internet service provider properly.

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Internet Down, What Does It Mean?

Have you ever experienced the internet down? You cannot access to the internet or you can but there is a long buffering that makes you can work faster. Well, why does that case is called internet down? Is internet exactly going down?
• A Fail Connection
When you say “the internet is down” or there is 404 code on your screen, it may be caused by the hardware or software cannot connect well. It may be your own laptop or may be in the other tools nearby you so you cannot connect the internet.

You can resolve this problem by updating the software for example. Well, it may be caused by the outdated software. You may also check your antivirus, whether it is properly installed or disturb the flow of internet signal.

• It May Happen in Regional
If this is happened to you, you don’t need to check your computer or your internet router since the problem may be in your ISP or office network. Just make a call to the office to get to know what is wrong with the internet connection. They will definitely explain the problem, which can be hardware or software problem, and will tell you the time they need to fix it.

This kind problem is usually happened because of the natural disaster in that area such as an earthquake. What you need to do is just being patient and wait until it is fixed and you can work normally.

• Problem in the Major Service Provider
The most unpleasant thing when you are busy playing casino online is experiencing internet network problems that come from internet providers while placing bet. There is a major service provider that will be responsible for certain area’s internet connection. If there are some problem with this service provider, then “internet down” will definitely happen. This will take longer time to get fixed since the major service provider may need more analysis so this kind of accident will not happen anymore.

Common Reasons Why Internet Goes Down

Common Reasons Why Internet Goes Down

Getting angry because internet suddenly dies? Don’t worry. You are not the only one. In fact, many people have similar problem. They often ask “why?” to respond the blank pages they are trying to open. It cannot give verbal answer, but here are several answer to close that question.

High User Traffic
Remember those long lines in front of restaurant during lunch time or endless car parade during morning rush? Similar thing happens to internet connection as well. There are times when billions people try to access internet at the same time. It typically occurs during office hours. As the result, the internet is slowing down.

On the screen, costumers will see blank page, even after website address has been typed properly. In some other cases, page loading takes too long. Closing and revisiting the page doesn’t always work. This problem will only get worse while accessing internet in public places.

Bad Link
Have you ever wondered how one provider could reach millions people in different areas? Aside from cable and wireless technology application, there is another help called “backbone”. Concept of backbone is similar to electric supply. One main power supply will have smaller branch to deliver its power. This small branch is “backbone” of internet provider.

If backbone goes down, then internet connection will be much more slower. To solve this problem, provider usually adjusts the other backbones to cover the area. Still, it takes time. Costumers have to wait patiently. When this case happen several times, try to change into different provider.

Router Failure
Last explanation for slowing internet connection is failure of the hardware. It refers to internet router. There are further elaboration for this failure as well. First, costumers might buy cheapest router with limited life period. For example, a cheap router is guaranteed for two years. After these year passed, its performance goes bad.

Second, router failure could be caused by unstable power supply. There is an option to reboot router when it doesn’t work properly. Actually, this should be the last option, but many costumers immediately take this choice before looking into computers first. In the end, router failure happened.

Speedy internet connection is heaven for everyone. They could do their project smoothly and watching more movies without loading too long. When this activity is interrupted, then there are several reasons. It could be either bad connection, slow traffic or even hardware failure. Which one happened? It is a question only you could answer.

Best Internet Service Provider in Japan
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Best Internet Service Provider in Japan

Japan is a country which has great temptation to visit. Some visitors say “yes” whether they want visit Japan next time or not. For those who are the first time in Japan make sure that you use the great internet service provider to assist or provide information about Japan. Here, three best internet service provider in Japan.

1. Asahi Net
Established in 1990, Asahi Net was a broadband internet provider. This company can cover many Japanese resident wherever they are. In other words, Asahi Net reach more than 170 cities in Japan. Having its success in broadband internet, Asahi tries to open a new market by offering wireless and wired Internet several networks. Interestingly, Asahi Net categorized as the fastest internet service provider in Japan as they provide WiMax 2+ network. With WiMax 2+, the users can access the internet connection up to 1 GB per second.

2. Softbank
Softbank is a holding conglomerate business with variety selling products. Founded in 1981, Softbank was a computer parts store and it was far away enough from its reputation nowadays. The success began on 1995 when Softbank bought COMDEX for 800 million US Dollar and it continues to expand their business until now.

In Internet networking business, Softbank offers a broadband-mobile internet service with 4G service. The speed of the internet starts from 8 Mbp/s to 1 Gb/s. The unique one is that the staff can speak English to assist the user.

The logo of Japanese mobile provider SoftBank is displayed at an entrance of a shop in Tokyo’s shopping district Ginza on February 8, 2017. SoftBank said February 8 its nine-month net profit doubled, thanks to one-time gains including the sale of some of its stake in Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba. / AFP / KAZUHIRO NOGI (Photo credit should read KAZUHIRO NOGI/AFP/Getty Images)

3. au One Net
Established in 1997, au One Net is an internet service provider that is operated under KDDi Corporation. This company offers internet service network with WiMax service network. The speed is 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps. Interestingly, the users can find the network wherever you are.

Internet is an important thing for providing information about the surrounding. Whether you visit Japan for fun or work, make sure that your day is not hindered by the internet.

What To Do When There Is No Internet Connection
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What To Do When There Is No Internet Connection

People install internet router at home so they could browse it. Everything seems to be in order when the notification on right bottom panel says ôconnectedö. Some might miss small explanation below that says ôno internet accessö. Without this access, users cannot open any website. Is there any way to fix it?

Double Check The Problem Source
There are two sources of internet connection problem: device used by users or the router. Check first which one is the main problem and start from it. If users are currently accessing internet from laptop, try to check how the connection is in smart phone and tablet. Don’t forget to switch mobile data to WiFi setting.

If others are having no trouble to connect, then it is not router, but the device. Otherwise, users must do something to fix the router. Laptop or PC might detect several internet connection and having trouble to choose one. Either way, users now find which one to fix.

Fix The Router
It is not difficult to fix router. This is a device that works to serve single purpose. Should there be any problem with it, simply turn it off and leave it for two to five minutes. High heat might cause internet to slow down. Try to turn it back on and see if this trick works.

Fix The ComputerFix The Computer
If the problem lies on the computer, then start by rebooting the connection. Forget network and try to connect again. Some users suggest to shut down the device and turn it back on several minutes later. Second option will be checking IP address. Rebooting router will give different IP address. Make sure the one typed in setting is the latest one.

Third option; users run windows network trouble shooters. The result will show what cut the connection. Fixing them will bring users online. There are also several prompts that could be entered to help with the problem. They could be found online. Last, try to deactivate anti virus. Several names are popular for blocking internet access from WiFi. As soon as this anti virus is off, internet is back on.

In order to be able to open website, users need to get internet access. It doesn’t stop with the connected sign on the Wifi icon. Try to open any website and see whether the front page is opened. If it stays blank or immediately changes into ôno connection availableö, fix it using recommended options above.

The Best Internet Service Providers that Can Be Your Reference
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The Best Internet Service Providers that Can Be Your Reference

Choosing the best Internet Service Providers can give you an easy to have a stable and smooth internet connection with low risk of experiencing the internet outage. There are many ISP or Internet Service Providers out there. Here are some options of best Internet Service Providers that can be your reference.

AT&T Internet

This is the first option of ISP that can be your reference for your internet provider. AT&T Internet has an excellent customer service that will be the point plus among other Internet Service Providers. To prove that they have excellent customer service, this company wins the award of J.D Power’s US Residential Internet Service Provider Satisfaction Study Award for the Northcentral region for two years in a row. There are five aspects that make AT&T Internet win that award, such as performance and reliability, customer service, satisfaction, communication, billing and price of service.


Verizon is the second option of best Internet Service Provider that provides its customers with fast speeds. This ISP offers 50 Mbps up to 1000 Mbps for fast internet experience. Verizon is the best choice for those who like to play online games, do the steaming also live conference through the video. This can give you a guarantee for a stable and fast internet connection. Verizon is also considered as one of the best internet service provider for gaming in 2017. The customers also will provide with the best customer service for interacting with the customers.


This Internet Service Provider has good internet speed and affordable price for its customers. Some people are looking for the best price with good service that can help them to have better access and a stable internet connection.

Here are some options of best Internet Service Providers that can be your reference. They are AT&T Internet, Verizon, and Xfinity. Each of the Internet Service Providers has their own pros that can make their customers feel satisfied with their products and service.

The Overview of Internet Outage and Possible Reasons
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The Overview of Internet Outage and Possible Reasons

The internet is part of the life that always support human to perform their daily life. However, due to some reasons sometimes we had faced some trouble when there is internet outage. There are some reasons why the internet can down or blackout. Actually what is internet outage and what are the main reasons for the internet outage?

What is Internet Outage?
Internet outage is the condition where the internet connection temporary down because of some errors. The errors can cause by several reasons related to the unstable internet infrastructure. The underwater cables that usually placed in the sea can error due to natural disaster or censorship.
The cyber attacks also cause the internet outage just like what have been through by some countries, such as the United States, Egypt, and Germany.

The Main Reasons for Internet Outage
Besides natural disaster, cyber attack and censorship, the internet outage also possibly caused by breakdown or jamming, failed to connect to the internet provider, failing routers for  players, blackout with a backbone of the internet network and internal devices failure.
Breakdown or jamming can happen because of the overload users who try to log in at the same time. This is caused the internet network hectic which lead to the overload internet connection. The main characteristic of the jamming is the blank internet condition which lasts for 10 seconds and when you try to reconnect to the network it can’t perform like the usual task.

Failed to connect to the internet provider becomes other reasons for internet outage. The link can fail due to the weather problems or construction process that can disrupt the wiring system. The failing routers also can cause the internet blank because it is one of the most important devices which connected and cause the internet can work properly. The last thing is the failure of the internal device. One of the internal devices may tear or slack that make the connection can’t perform well.

Internet outage is the condition where the internet connection temporary down because of some errors. They are a natural disaster, cyber attack, and censorship. Other possible reasons that cause the internet outage are a breakdown, failed to connect to the internet provider, failing routers, blackout with a backbone of the internet network and internal devices failure.

How To Troubleshoot Bad Internet Connection
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How To Troubleshoot Bad Internet Connection

You are in the middle of uploading important document or content when suddenly a notification pops up: bad internet connection. Small accident like this might ruin someone’s life. Instead of swearing and crying over the spilled milk, it is far better to learn how to fix bad connection. Are you ready?

Checking Router Setting
First, costumers need to check router setting. Don’t forget to bring manual book from provider. Sometimes, automatic system changes connection speed under certain condition. This might affect overall internet performance. Bring it back to default setting. If possible, make it faster. Don’t forget to note any changes made to the setting. Anytime in the future, costumers might need to re-adjust the speed.

Checking Internet Plan
Before blaming the provider or complaining for connection trouble, costumers need to double check the plan. If they pay cheap price for slow connection, then there is no one to blame. Install free internet speed test and run it. When its speed matches to internet plan, then nothing could be done. Go to internet cafe or call provider to change the plan.

Removing Internet Worms
What is internet worms? These are bugs that spread from computer to computer. They ruin system and interfere with internet speed. Run anti virus program to detect internet worms. Costumers that play don’t have to install fancy anti virus. The regular one is good enough. Cleaning worms will surely boost browsing speed.

Inactivating Background Programs
Several programs, especially those that connects to video, runs in the background. Even when this application is not opened, it is still active. In many cases, games programs are downloading more items, depending on its updates. This activity uses bandwidth, which may cause internet slowing down. Make sure no background programs are currently downloading files.

Replacing Router
When there are two or more internet options, computer tend to choose the one with strongest signal. While this seems like small matter, having more than three wifi setting will surely confuse computer. As the result, its switch between wifi connection within minutes. No wonder, the internet is not connected anymore. Solution? Replace router to different position and make it as “default” option.

No matter what the reason is, no one likes bad internet connection. For office workers, it would be a disaster. Particularly, when important sites cannot be accessed during office hours. Don’t get panicked soon. There are ways to fix internet connection problem. Try them and see how it changes the data connection.